• 300 person sample
  • 72 hour turnaround
  • Results summary


Basic Package: $2500.00

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In A Global Crisis,
Lead With Confidence

Understand how people are responding.
Predict how they will act.
Guide your response with real data.

Elucd Pulse

The threat presented by coronavirus is as dynamic as it is serious. Government leaders are making major, unprecedented decisions about public and economic life at an unprecedented pace.

Elucd Pulse provides reliable, up-to-date information about local sentiment related to the crisis, and beyond. It is the premier solution that uses locally sourced, statistically reliable data to help leaders make decisions with real information; make necessary adjustments as the situation evolves; and find the best message and messenger to affect behavior when it matters most.



Acting with confidence requires understanding how the public is thinking, acting or plans to act with great precisions. Elucd Pulse can sample a statistically representative portion of any population, by race, sex, age, area and language.


React to fast-changing circumstances or plan for policy changes tomorrow. Traditional research takes days or weeks, Elucd Pulse typically gives you answers today.


One of the primary limitations of traditional research is an inability to sample small populations. Elucd Pulse uses technology to sample from the entire population of a country, down to a specific city or neighborhood with ease.


Because Elucd Pulse leverages the power of technology, it can conduct research at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional products -- often 50 to 90% less, which means you can use it much more frequently to understand changes in perception.

What people are saying

Commissioner Steve White

County Durham, UK

"This technology enables us to have an understanding of the views across the whole community.”

Chief Eric Payne

Chief, Grand Rapids Police Department

"Elucd gives us real, actionable data on what had previously been a big blind spot -- how we are making Grand Rapids safer."

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