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For real time decision making

Understand how people are responding.
Guide your own response with real data.
Adjust your actions to stay ahead.


Elucd Pulse

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. In today’s world, uncertainty is all around you. In this murky time, Elucd Pulse helps you clarify the path in front of you and illuminate the best way forward.

By providing the intelligence you need to help you develop solutions to your most pressing problems, Elucd data empowers you to decipher the best course of action, and critically adjust as circumstances on the ground evolve. We help you answer the questions you need to know, but don’t know how to ask. We get information nobody else can get. And we get it faster and more affordably than you thought possible.

But what if you don’t know what to ask? We offer pre-loaded packages of questions and comparison points, based on research and best practices, that we’ll tailor to your specific needs. Please reach out—we’d love to speak with you.



Acting with confidence requires understanding how the public is thinking, acting or plans to act with great precisions. Elucd Pulse can sample a statistically representative portion of any population, by race, sex, age, area and language.


React to fast-changing circumstances or plan for policy changes tomorrow. Traditional research takes days or weeks, Elucd Pulse typically gives you answers today.


One of the primary limitations of traditional research is an inability to sample small populations. Elucd Pulse uses technology to sample from the entire population of a country, down to a specific city or neighborhood with ease.


Because Elucd Pulse leverages the power of technology, it can conduct research at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional products -- often 50 to 90% less, which means you can use it much more frequently to understand changes in perception.

What people are saying

Commissioner Steve White

County Durham, UK

"This technology enables us to have an understanding of the views across the whole community.”

Chief Eric Payne

Chief, Grand Rapids Police Department

"Elucd gives us real, actionable data on what had previously been a big blind spot -- how we are making Grand Rapids safer."