Data from the people, for the people

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The Logic

We discover our survey respondents through a variety of websites and social media platforms, from any device they might be using -- from smartphones to tablets. Using highly targeted digital advertisements, we reach a very wide group of people and put together a diverse and highly representative sample of respondents. 

No one has to download an app, go to a specific site or join a panel -- our surveys find the right respondents thanks to the precision of our targeted outreach. 

The granularity of our approach significantly minimizes the risk of selection bias because we seek our respondents wherever they are in the world — from any website they might visit or nearly any app they use.

The Respondents

We use the US Census ACS data for demographic statistics on any location and dynamically adjust our sampling to reach demographic audiences that match the real population. We always customize the language we use to where we apply the technology in order to ensure easy access to our surveys for the population despite language and cultural barriers. For example, we generally conduct surveys simultaneously in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Russian in the New York City area, since each of these languages is spoken at home by >2% of the population.

The Insights

Our unique digital sampling method allows us to adjust sampling on the fly -- which means we have to do less weighting after collecting the data. We use the standard rake-weighting methods to weigh the resulting data for maximum precision -- that is, if it doesn’t already match proportions in the given population

The Survey

Our surveys allow us to take a closer look at people’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions about current events and share the information with anyone and everyone around the world.

Here is what this looks like to our respondents: 
- You're exploring on Instagram, reading your favorite cooking blog, or browsing through any app. You stumble upon a photo of a local landmark and are encouraged to click and share your opinion on important current events.
- You click and are directed to a quick 3-5 minute survey.
- You return to what you were doing like nothing ever happened, while we give your opinions to your leaders to help them better serve you!