National Coronavirus Preparedness Dashboard

The Elucd team has been following the news on the 2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation alongside all of you. In a moment like this, where realtime public engagement is so critical, we are here to help support all communities in any way we can as our public officials lead us through this challenge.

Starting March 11, we launched a new product that enables realtime understanding of public perception on key coronavirus vectors, including:
          - Confidence in local, state, and federal officials leadership of the response
          - Understanding of measures to take to minimize spread of the disease
          - Primary trusted sources of information on response
          - Motivators of behavioral change
          - Current mapping of exposure / potential exposure
          - Assessment of severity of personal and family risk
          - Confidence in the economy

We are tracking these indicators nationally in the US, 24/7, just like we track community perception. Please contact The Elucd Team at for more information, or click the button below.

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