Women vs. Men: Women's more conservative approach to COVID-19

Speaking of demographic disparities in what people felt through the COVID-19 pandemic- Elucd's data analysis reveals interesting gender based trends.

Women are more conservative than men in self-protection against COVID-19 and overall opinion on the reopening of the nation. Women have been more cautious about protecting themselves from the virus, skeptical of reopening, and believe in a higher risk of serious harm associated with COVID.  

Women felt more harm to themselves and their loved one’s from COVID-19 than men: As of July 27- The national average of a feeling of absolutely no harm from COVID-19 was 26%. Our data reveals that men tend to be above the national average as 37% of men (as of same date) are likely to feel that there is absolutely no risk of serious harm due to COVID, this is in contrast to women - as only 19% of women feel the same. This has been a consistent trend since Elucd started tracking the risk of harm the American public feels.

Women practiced wearing PPE more than men: This also links to personal protective equipment wearing behavior. Through the pandemic- American women have been wearing masks at a consistently higher rate than men - both improvised face coverings as well as face masks. As of July 27- only 31% of men report wearing improvised face coverings (the most popular form of PPE), while 54% of women express wearing the same.

Women have been more conservative in their opinion about the reopening speed than men: overall, while both men and women think that the national reopening speed has been much too quick - women are more strongly inclined towards this opinion. Towards the end of June as some states reopened and the others reversed their reopening - over 1 in 2 American women (56%) thought that the reopening speed had been much too quick, while the same sentiment was a 17% point lower for men at 39%.

Elucd continues to track public sentiment and uncover what people think.

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