Trust in Police Tumbles

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 9:47am

After weeks of relative stability, nationwide trust in police and feeling of personal safety tumbled this week as measured by Elucd's Blockwise Policing Index. National events have drastically changed local perception of police and public safety across the country, especially among young people and people of color.

Police Community Relations

In the week following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, 1.5 times as many Americans indicated they believe police do not treat residents of their neighborhood with respect, up to 24% from the previous week's 16%.

  • The change is particularly dramatic among younger Americans (18-34), the proportion of which report feeling disrespected by police more than doubled over the previous week from 29% to 64%.
  • Black/African American respondents were 2.5 times more likely than White respondents to report that they feel local police do not treat them with respect, 34% to 13%.

58% of Americans report that they feel listened to by police, down 6 percent from the previous week.

  • Women declined -11 to 61%
  • Young people (18-34) declined -20 to 24%
  • Black/African American respondents declined -8 to 46%
  • Hispanic/Latino respondents declined-5 to 64%

Feeling of Safety

Americans report feeling less safe today than before the killing of George Floyd, with 27% reporting they feel unsafe in their neighborhood — an increase of 7% percent from the previous week.

  • Feeling of safety among young (18-34) people cratered, with those feeling unsafe spiking by 54 points, from 9% to 63%.
  • Black and Hispanic/Latino respondents report feeling less safe, with an increase of 5% to 27% unsafe and 6% to 22%, respectively.
  • Men report feeling more unsafe than women — 30% of men report hey do not feel safe, compared to 22% of women.

Elucd Blockwise surveyed 6,416 Americans on the subject of policing and public safety since May 11, 2020. Adults over the age of 18 were recruited via the Internet, in a sample matching the US distribution of age, race, and sex. Data was rake weighted by race, sex, age and region so weighted survey totals match the US Census totals, according to standard statistical practices. Crosstabs can be found here.

The sample for the week of May 11-17 was 1,875, for the week of May 18-24 was 2,158, and for the week of May 25-29, 2020. Margin of Error is +/- 2%, and higher for subgroups

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