Statement Regarding NYPD Contract

Statement on Friday, August 14, 2020, attributable to Michael Simon, CEO, Elucd:

“As we have been reminded in the last few months, trust in the police is essential to maintaining a fair and safe city. We’re disappointed to be ending our current relationship with the NYPD at this critical time, but are hopeful that the more than 250,000 New Yorkers who lent their voices in surveys, sharing their concerns and feedback, will see real, tangible change. Trust is critical to neighborhood policing, to building relationships with youth and with those in underserved communities and to solving and further reducing crime. That is why this tool is so critical. Getting input directly from more than 250k New Yorkers—44,185 in 2020 alone—on how they want their city policed can only help the Department and its officers to create the lasting change we all seek and deserve.

We remain committed to providing insights to leaders across the country, in cities big and small, that are eager to build trust with the people they serve.”

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