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Tracking crime is not enough.

You must hear the concerns of everyone in your community.
Solve for what actually matters to the people you serve.

Track & demonstrate your progress.
Communicate with the public, your personnel, and city stakeholders
"Everyone knows that chasing 911 calls alone barely scratches the surface of law enforcement’s mission. Elucd’s technology has enabled us to be proactive, working to solve problems before they become calls for service."

Chief Keith Kauffman

Redondo Beach Police Department
“As Chief of Police, it’s vital that I communicate clearly with elected officials, city leaders and the public about our agency’s progress. Elucd gives us real, actionable data on what had previously been a big blind spot -- how we are making Grand Rapids safer. Now we can confidently show how we’re doing, and what is working in our efforts to forge strong relationships with the residents we serve.”

Chief Eric Payne

Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Elucd data informs decision makers & strengthens our service to our community on many issues."

Chief Sylvia Moir

Tempe, Arizona
Elucd has enabled a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback in large numbers across our force area, something we have struggled to do in the past. Often when it comes to seeking the public view on policing, it is the same voices, or the voices who shout the loudest which are heard.  This technology enables us to have an understanding of the views across the whole community.”

Commissioner Steve White

County Durham, UK
“We know what works to reduce crime, but now, Elucd's data helps us pinpoint what makes our community feel safe. This gives us actionable directives that can directly impact police decisions and show the direct connection between our efforts and the public’s confidence in our agency and in the safety of their neighborhood.”
“Elucd tells us the every-day actions we can take to focus on the top concerns of the residents of our city. Every shift supervisor has data they can use at roll call that prioritizes specifically where we should be going and what we should be looking out for; it’s actionable and useful.”

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Broaden Citizen Engagement

Dramatically expand who you’re hearing from by actively soliciting engagement from a cross-section of every demographic group and neighborhood that makes up your community.


Uncover Actionable Concerns

Let the people you serve tell you specifically what their top priorities are -- and where -- so you can address them before they become problems.


Reveal Trends

Understand how individual concerns fit into the big picture by automatically grouping similar concerns, and tracking change over time.


See What Works

By measuring and tracking perception, you can see what works, and do more of it. You can also identify where you need improvement, and better allocate resources to where it matters most.


Take Your Pulse

Have a burning question about your city? We help you design and field the right questions to the right groups so you can get your answers from the people you serve in a fraction of the time.

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